Porting Reliance Edge to other RTOSes

Reliance Edge is provided in full source code and can be ported to many RTOS environments. The RTOS porting kit is a fully functional kit which is meant to be connected to an OS layer and a block device to deliver a fail-safe file system.

The OS layer for Reliance Edge can connect to a virtual file system (VFS) if one is provided. If none is available, programs that use Reliance Edge must directly call the available public API’s instead of using a VFS interface such as fopen().

The block device interface can be connected to a block device abstraction layer. If one is not available, Reliance Edge must be configured to interact directly with the underlying storage media to perform block device I/O. Several example block device implementations are provided in the file os/freertos/services/osbdev.c to demonstrate how this can be done.

Finally, Reliance Edge should be integrated with mutex or semaphore commands to ensure thread safety. Please see Chapter 3 of the Reliance Edge Developer’s Guide for a complete description of the porting process.