Tuxera Reliance Nitro™ delivers reliable data logging for fleet management operations.

Reliable data fuels logistics and transport operations

With an installed base of over 300,000 units, the largest provider of fleet management solutions in the Americas* has been leading the way in the telematics industry for 20 years. Fleet management systems are quickly becoming standard equipment for the trucking industry – managing driver safety, maintenance needs, and fuel efficiency for transportation companies around the world. In 2010, the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) began requiring trucking companies to prove compliance with a spate of vehicle and driver statistics, creating renewed interest in this company’s sophisticated fleet management systems and software. Their solutions combine cutting-edge applications and platforms that improve fleet efficiency and safety, in addition to managing compliance with FMCSA regulations. These devices provide real-time updates about duty status, driving time, remaining hours of service, real-time notification of impending or actual violations to both drivers and dispatch, web-based carrier review of driver status and availability, driver-management and safety audit reports, plus automated over-the-air updates to ensure compliance and driver awareness.

* Company name cannot be disclosed due to NDA restrictions.

The challenge

Reliability is a top consideration for transportation companies when they shop for fleet management systems. The consequences of system failure are significant, ranging from potentially large fines levied by the FMCSA for inability to show compliance, lost revenue through inefficient management of the fleet, safety issues that go unreported, and driver error due to lack of information. In addition to the reliability challenges faced by all embedded systems due to power fluctuations and resource constraints, these units face a unique problem: hostile drivers, who dislike the devices tracking their every move. Customers often report units being “accidentally” switched off, suffering blunt force trauma, and at least one case where a driver was caught holding one of the units outside the window in a rainstorm!

The results

To ensure data reliability in extreme conditions, this fleet management OEM performed a series of tests comparing Tuxera Reliance Nitro and the default file system in Windows Embedded CE (TFAT), in which power is cycled on and off every 40 seconds for several months. Their results showed that TFAT fails after about a month under these conditions, while Reliance Nitro showed no sign of data reliability problems. With the addition of Tuxera software, the company’s fleet management systems are the most reliable on the market. Transportation and logistics companies benefit from the knowledge that they can rely on these devices, no matter what happens in the field.

* This customer success story has been updated July 8, 2020. Datalight was originally mentioned as the software provider in this story. As of 2019, Datalight Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tuxera Inc. Tuxera now owns all of Datalight’s former products, including the ones mentioned in this project. Tuxera is dedicated to providing superior technical know-how in data storage challenges and responsive customer support.

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