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Fusion File Share by Tuxera specifications
Microsoft exFAT by Tuxera datasheet
Tuxera Powers Verismo Networks’ VuNow Internet TV Platform
Tuxera NTFS empowers systems with Freescale PowerQUICC® integrated communications processors
Syabas Chooses Tuxera NTFS for Media Players
ZyXEL Integrates Tuxera NTFS into NAS and Router Product Lines
Metrological Selects Tuxera NTFS for Mediaconnect TV
PLX Technology Partners with Tuxera to Deliver High-Performance File System Suite
Appareo Systems Chooses Tuxera NTFS for Flight Data Monitoring Device
Tuxera Integrates NTFS, exFAT, FAT32 and HFS+ into Intel® Atom™ Solutions, MeeGo Linux
Skyviia Selects Tuxera NTFS for Multimedia Chipsets
Fortis Chooses Tuxera NTFS to Extend Interoperability for Its Full HD PVRs
FULAN Selects Tuxera NTFS for Multi-Channel PVR Over USB
ASUS Selects Tuxera File System Software for Eee Pad™ Tablets
Rockchip Selects Tuxera NTFS and exFAT File System Interoperability for Tablets, Phones, and WebTV Products
Skyworth Selects Tuxera for Fully Interoperable, High Performance PVR Functionality
MStar Selects Tuxera File Systems for Set-Top Box Chipsets
Tuxera Delivers Complete Interoperable File System Package to TI’s OMAP Platform
Marvell and Tuxera Announce Industry’s Fastest Full-Featured NAS Solution
NETGEAR Selects Tuxera to Accelerate ReadyNAS Performance
NVIDIA Tegra 3 Gets High Performance exFAT Support from Tuxera
Humax selects Tuxera file systems for high performance, fail safe recording
Green Hills Software Partners with Tuxera for Interoperable File Systems Selects Tuxera exFAT for Audi and Volkswagen Infotainment Systems
Alpine Selects Tuxera File Systems for BMW Automotive Infotainment Systems
Pantech Ships Tuxera File Systems in High-End Android Smartphones
Power 7 and Tuxera Partner for WiFi Storage
Tuxera exFAT Ships in Panasonic ELUGA Smartphones
Xiaomi Box Ships with Tuxera File Systems
SKnet Partners with Tuxera for Integrated File System Solutions
LG Optimus G Smartphone Line Ships with Tuxera exFAT
Success story – Tuxera helps InHand preserve reputation for reliability while improving team efficiency
Success story – Blackboard taps Tuxera to help protect student data
Success story – Tuxera helps Motorola build “future proof” platform for enterprise mobile computers
Success story – Tuxera keeps digital payment technologies parking meters running reliably and development team productivity high
Microsoft & Tuxera: In-vehicle infotainment gets boost from new Microsoft exFAT file system deals
Success story – Tuxera delivers winning performance to Formula One racing
Tuxera NTFS and exFAT Power Kingston MobileLite Wireless
Primax Selects Tuxera File System Solutions for WiFi Storage
Success story – Tuxera helps Alcatel-Lucent bring NAND-based ethernet solution to market rapidly and with enhanced reliability
Success story – Tuxera FlashFX helps WAGO build a faster PLC
Success story – Improved reliability of fleet management system
Success story – Cutting boot time in half for LG Navigator
ZTE nubia Z5S Integrates Tuxera to Power Internal and External Storage
Fortis Selects Tuxera FAT for Personal Video Recorders
Tuxera File Systems Integrated with Wind River In-Vehicle Infotainment Platform
Desay SV Automotive Selects Tuxera FAT and exFAT to Power In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems
Lenovo Ships Android All-In-One PCs with Tuxera NTFS
Tuxera Collaborates with Qualcomm Atheros for High-Performance File Sharing Over the Network
TomTom’s Action Camera Powered by Tuxera exFAT
Zound Industries Marshall London Smartphone Powered by Tuxera
Success story – Tuxera & Airbus stream video from International Space Station
Tuxera brings state-of-the-art storage technology to augmented reality
Tuxera updates SD Memory Card Formatter for SD Association
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Making connected cars secure down to the core
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Verifying Fusion File Share (formerly Tuxera SMB) server’s automatic connection failover and recovery with Kubernetes
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ClearSky Data brings Fusion File Share by Tuxera (formerly Tuxera SMB) to its high availability on-demand primary storage service
File system encryption ensures data security in connected cars
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Fusion File Share RDMA
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