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Challenges of tomorrow's data storage in automotive

Automotive systems have become increasingly complex, raising the risk of flash memory wear out occurring before end-of-life of the car. What’s more, fragmentation could simply break an automotive system. This whitepaper describes those effects in more detail and suggests ways to mitigate the risks.

Tags: Automotive, consolidation, erase amplification, flash endurance, flash memory, fragmentation, Reliance Velocity, WAF/EAF, write amplification

The impacts of file system fragmentation on automotive storage performance

Groundbreaking studies have shown fragmentation to be a risk to modern automotive systems, potentially causing sluggish flash storage performance and even critical system failure within a car. This whitepaper examines in detail the ways that fragmentation affects the performance of an automotive system.

Tags: Automotive, erase amplification, flash endurance, flash memory, fragmentation, Reliance Velocity, WAF/EAF, write amplification

How to avoid end of life from NAND correctable errors

Flash media is fabulous for most use cases, but heavy reads can cause correctable errors. Linux flash file systems actually shorten the life of the media when dealing with these errors. How does this change with multiple bits per cell, including recent QLC NAND? This paper, by Thom Denholm, covers both this problem and the impacts in detail, from flash file systems to SSDs and other NAND flash-based media.

Tags: Reliance EdgeNAND, NAND Flash memory, media lifetime, memory management software, firmware, file systems

Troubleshooting corrupted data

Over the years, we have developed considerable expertise and special-purpose tools to help diagnose all kinds of data issues. Our approach is to first determine what’s wrong, then to try to identify the steps it would take to get the system to this state. Is it something that the software could have caused? Did the media fail or is it something different? This paper examines how such questions are answered, and describes file system-related troubleshooting techniques.

Tags: Automotive, Reliance Nitro, FlashFX Tera, data corruption, file systems, flash media

How modern file systems detect & respond to SD and SSD media failures

Managed NAND media (SD and SSD) has failure modes which are devastating to embedded systems. It is crucial that file systems detect and manage these failures, and this paper outlines methods used by some Linux file systems to do so. It also examines one additional failure mode not handled properly by any open source file system. Learn more by downloading the full whitepaper.

Tags: Reliance Nitro, Reliance Edge, NAND Flash memory, file systems, flash media

Keep device data safe with secure erase

Removing data securely from flash media is more challenging than older magnetic designs. The software and firmware must work in unison to provide secure solutions that are increasingly in demand. In this paper, we detail the secure interface from the application to the media and point out the possible pitfalls along the way. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Tags: Reliance Edge, NAND Flash memory, file systems, flash media

Understanding system integrity and how testing can help in preventing field failures

When a device fails in the field, consequences can be significant. In our conversations with embedded original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), one thing is certain: addressing a problem in the field is costly. Anticipating and preventing field failures enable market leaders to invest in innovation – rather than costly resource-draining diagnosis, repair, and redesign. Furthermore, as data storage needs of these devices has increased dramatically over the years, unreliable data storage can be a significant contributor to field failures.

Tags: File systems, flash media

Data reliability in space

Storage hardware that can ensure consistency and correctness in space applications require more than commercial off-the-shelf SD and SSD can deliver. Alternative solutions like Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) NAND flash have unusual interfaces and requirements. Balancing these two, what best practices and solutions can prevent mission failure and still fit within tight budgets? Read the full whitepaper to learn more.

Tags: FlashFX Tera, file systems, flash media, space applications, data corruption

Max efficiency in IoT

Recent advances in IoT hardware have been accompanied by pronounced changes in end-user expectations and design requirements. Accordingly, developers must ensure the highest efficiency in both their software and their own work time. This joint whitepaper by Tuxera and Weston Embedded focuses on efficiency within off-the-shelf software components. Two components in particular serve as the foundation for examining resource efficiency: a real-time kernel and a transactional file system.

Tags: Industrial IoT, Reliance Edge, file systems, flash media

Avoiding the brick: seamless updates in embedded devices

Modern embedded devices receive updates more frequently now than ever. A failed system update can, however, lead to a total failure to boot – known as the brick. This whitepaper, examines how updates can go wrong, and what protections are available in embedded environments.

Tags: Automotive, file systems, Industrial IoT, Reliance Edge, Reliance Nitro, software updates

Data trends in the smart manufacturing industry and IIoT markets: implications for the storage stack

This paper looks at trends that are shaping the data storage evolution in the industrial and IIoT markets. Learn the key aspects to consider when designing storage solutions to avoid potential roadblocks and build reliable systems for the long term, while maximizing the value obtained from your data.

Tags: Industrial IoT, Reliance Nitro, flash media, lifetime, reliability

Innovative smartmeter platform delivers long-lasting revenue-grade data using Tuxera technology

Tags: Energy, Industrial, FlashFX Tera, Reliance Nitro

Video streaming application in International Space Station

Tags: Space, Video, FlashFX Tera, Reliance Nitro

Tuxera helps industrial machine manufacturer protect data despite power interruption

Tags: Industrial, Manufacturing, Reliance Nitro

Tuxera helps Alcatel-Lucent bring NAND-based ethernet solution to market rapidly and with enhanced reliability

Tags: Industrial, Networking, FlashFX Tera, Reliance Nitro

Tuxera delivers winning performance to Formula One racing

Tags: Automotive, Reliance Edge, Reliance Nitro

Cutting boot time in half for LG Navigator

Tags: Automotive, Consumer Electronics, FlashFX Tera

Improved reliability of fleet management system

Tags: Industrial, Reliance Nitro

Industrial automation company proves its reputation for high-reliability products

Tags: Industrial, Reliance Nitro

Tuxera FlashFX helps WAGO build a faster PLC

Tags: Industrial, FlashFX Tera

Tuxera helps InHand preserve reputation for reliability while improving team efficiency

Tags: Industrial, Medical, FlashFX Tera

Blackboard taps Tuxera to help protect student data

Tags: Industrial, FlashFX Tera, Reliance Nitro

Tuxera helps Motorola build “future proof” platform for enterprise mobile computers

Tags: Industrial, FlashFX Tera

Helping Texas Instruments empower students in mastering complex mathematical concepts

Tags: Consumer electronics, FlashFX Tera, Reliance Edge

Providing stable data management for NASA ST8 mission

Tags: Aerospace and defense

Tuxera keeps digital payment technologies parking meters running reliably and development team productivity high

Tags: Industrial, Sensors & dataloggers, FlashFX Tera, Reliance Edge

Yura Corporation selects Reliance Velocity for robust data handling in its built-in automotive DVR system

Tags: Automotive, Car dashcam & DVR, Reliance Velocity

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