The collaboration ensures secure data transfer for state-of-the-art mesh networking globally.

ESPOO, Finland, and NORTH POINT, Hong Kong, September 24, 2020 – Tuxera, a world-leader in quality-assured storage management software, announced that Keenetic Limited, designer and developer of a range of Wi-Fi mesh routers, has adopted the SMB solution Fusion File Share by Tuxera into its line of cutting-edge networking devices. According to the OECD, internet traffic has increased as much as 60% in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This unprecedented surge means enterprises need scalability and secure connectivity to meet network demands, both now and into the future. The collaboration between Keenetic Limited and Tuxera allows small enterprises globally to keep up with this need – ensuring secure, fast, and convenient network file sharing.

“Working with Tuxera has been a highly fruitful process,” says Kevin Cheng, Director at Keenetic Limited. “Tuxera’s software is well-engineered, and the support we get from them is phenomenal – they really care about our success. The advanced devices Keenetic designs and produces turn out to be a natural fit with Tuxera’s software. With Fusion File Share, our cutting-edge mesh routers are more effectively able to offer high performance, scalable, and secure network technology to organizations. We look forward to collaborating with Tuxera again in the future.”

“We are happy to support Keenetic in developing their line of high-tech devices,” says Heinrich von Keler, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Tuxera. “Organizations of all sizes require network solutions that provide more than just speed. Our SMB solution, with features such as high performance, strong encryption, and support for multiple authentication providers, allows these needs to be met safely, while also helping the environment with efficient power consumption. We are excited to aid Keenetic in bringing innovations in WiFi technology to more businesses around the globe.”

Powerful SMB architecture supporting the routers of tomorrow

Tuxera has developed Fusion File Share by Tuxera for device manufacturers and enterprises in need of a high-performance, high-availability and secure SMB server implementation. Fusion File Share is engineered to enable secure sharing to many devices at the same time – while achieving the maximum I/O throughput from the hardware.

A shared emphasis on cutting-edge design, with optimal scalability, security, and performance, makes the collaboration between Tuxera and Keenetic Limited a natural success.

Keenetic Limited designs and develops high quality mesh router devices for home and business use, combining powerful hardware with up-to-the-minute software, updated every two weeks.  This empowers a spectrum of small businesses with robust yet high-performance network storage. The modular architecture of a Keenetic device solution allows it to scale with end-user needs. Installing additional Keenetic devices enables migration from a single node to a centrally-managed multi-node Wi-Fi mesh system – ensuring seamless roaming and data transfer in different work environments. With Fusion File Share, this scalability is paired with high reliability of file-sharing over the network.

Cooperating for continuous progress

The partnership has also helped Tuxera further optimize its Fusion File Share solution.

“Working with Keenetic Limited has been a great opportunity to advance our SMB implementation to the next level,” says Joel Catala, Director of Engineering at Tuxera. “We work continuously to develop the best possible storage management solutions to the world. Working closely with a customer like Keenetic, with a dynamic software development team of its own, is a tremendous opportunity to fine-tune our software. This way we can keep delivering solutions that help enterprises succeed, but also provide the best experience for the people who ultimately use the devices with our software inside.”

Tuxera sees active, close engagement with its partners and customers as an integral part of its own innovation process and global operations.