Maximize throughput and scalability
in your file cluster

Tuxera is a world-leading provider of quality-assured data storage management software and networking technologies. We develop high-performance, feature-rich alternatives to Samba, NTFS-3G, and other network storage software that grow and scale to meet the demands of your solutions. Our enterprise-grade storage and networking solutions offer exceptional scalability, availability, and security for leading PaaS providers, software-defined storage (SDS) vendors, and data-driven enterprises.

Tuxera enterprise solutions

Tuxera's enterprise customers and partners

Quantum StorNext® and Myriad® + Fusion File Share

Xinnor with Fusion File Share

Medical research institute
using Fusion File Share

Microsoft SMB license partner

Orca Security powered by NTFS

ClearSky with Fusion File Share

High-performance SMB and
network file systems that scale with you

Everyone wants to be the fastest, the most available, the most scalable, but we actually are. Our solutions will enable you to stand out as a leading provider of high-performance, scalable, and reliable enterprise data solutions.

There are many file systems, access protocols, and file sharing software alternatives available today to choose from. While most are good enough to enable data access capabilities to your systems, these solutions cannot provide the required performance, scalability, and availability features you need as your products mature.

Break down the bottlenecks in your data access layer with Tuxera as your partner.

Award-winning, responsive support

Tuxera’s team of storage development and networking experts will support you all the way from evaluation to implementation, going above and beyond to ensure your project performs flawlessly and can be delivered on schedule. Our enterprise products are built-in with custom-engineered testing, which is an integral part of our development and validation process. These tests ensure the performance, scalability, and availability of our software meets your requirements. Need 24/7 support? No problem – we have a choice of support subscriptions so you can select the right degree of support to suit your needs.

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Fusion File Share by Tuxera documentation

Tuxera's data and file access software
for enterprise storage and cloud solutions

SMB server

High-performance, scalable

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Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera Enterprise Edition logo in white

Network-optimized, secure NTFS file system

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A data access solution to scale with your enterprise storage needs

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