Our commitment to customers that require longer life cycles

Ensuring reliability and predictability is at the core of what we do. This applies to our products as well as our services and support. Tuxera’s products are deployed in very demanding, mission-critical production environments, that must be operational for several decades. Our customers need assurance that we offer support over the entire life cycle of their devices, platforms, and applications. We established our Extended Lifetime Support Program to address the requirements of industries with exceptionally long life cycles.

Key benefits of Tuxera Extended Lifetime Support Program

  • Reduce uncertainty: our software meets your product life cycle expectations
  • Assurance while migrating to other Tuxera software or while your device is still in the field
  • Access to vulnerability and critical fixes after a product has reached end-of-life
  • Reliable access to responsive Tuxera support experts
  • Tailored to address the life cycle requirements of your specific use cases

Tuxera products covered by the program

ProductCommercial release dateEnd of general supportEnd of extended lifetime support
Tuxera SafeFLASH (formerly HCC Embedded)June 2004December 2024December 2029

Download the Extended Lifetime Support Program brochure for more details. Or get in touch with our sales team directly to discuss your needs with us.