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File storage and sharing challenges in public cloud

Serverless technologies, cloud file storage, and file-based applications from the cloud are some key pillars of today’s cloud-first strategies. As part of adopting these strategies, your PaaS and public cloud customers may need secure, shared file and data access. Server Messaging Block (SMB) technology is a key networking protocol needed in your architecture for providing file storage and access.

Unfortunately, some Linux-based SMB solutions are not able to stand up to the critical performance, high availability, and massive scalability demands you need to deliver your cloud service to your customers. Any downtime caused by poorly performing file sharing operations not only means lost time or money for your customers, but can also damage your reputation as a service provider. SMB solutions may also lack the most up-to-date security features and vulnerability fixes.

Fusion File Share for PaaS and Public cloud services

Our SMB implementation – Fusion File Share by Tuxera – works flawlessly with your cloud service to bring consistently high I/O throughput to file sharing applications. Fusion provides the reliability you need with availability features such as persistent handles and transparent failover. It also scales linearly to meet even the toughest throughput demands, adding more nodes to keep the pace. In rigorous customer testing scenarios, the alternative SMB server implementation was unable to connect to demanding numbers of new clients, while Fusion reached the benchmarks 100% of the time.

SMB connection rate (200 new clients generated per second)

Actual performance may vary based on the hardware, software, and testing protocols used.

Fusion File Share is easy to integrate into any PaaS or public cloud solution and is dynamically configured. Tuxera’s team of storage development experts support you all the way from evaluation to implementation, going above and beyond to ensure your project performs flawlessly and on schedule.

What’s more, Tuxera’s storage development team also monitors all the latest SMB vulnerabilities and security features. We ensure Fusion File Share has all the latest security updates, providing the rock-solid data security your customers are depending on. Our team has been credited by Microsoft for identifying and reporting critical SMB vulnerabilities – read more on our SMB security reporting here.

Technical features relevant to PaaS & Cloud

  • RDMA over SMB-Direct
  • Multichannel support
  • Scale-out awareness
  • Threaded data processing
  • Encryption
  • Low CPU use and network overhead
  • 24/7 support – contact us for pricing
  • Integration to vendor VFS