Tuxera FlashFX Tera™ and Reliance Edge™ ensure high reliability and power fail-safety, reducing maintenance costs while saving revenue

Secure payment is needed in parking

Digital Payment Technologies (DPT) is the leading producer of multi-space parking meters. The LUKE on-street and SHELBY off-street pay stations provide unmatched reliability and greater flexibility than any other parking meter. Because parking meters are typically placed in remote locations and many rely on solar power, it is extremely important that the stations be highly reliable and power-failure safe. Parking meter operators using standard meters run the risk of losing credit card transactions if the power fails or may suffer days of lost revenue waiting for a technician to be dispatched to fix meters that suffer software corruption due to power failure. In setting out to build a better meter, DPT knew the embedded system had to be as rugged and maintenance-free as possible.

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The results

Initially, DPT’s engineering team discovered Tuxera software when a problem with a flash memory component was diagnosed using Tuxera FlashFX Tera™ (formerly Datalight FlashFX Pro®) validation tools. This, combined with the responsiveness of the Tuxera support team, helped the DPT team move quickly through its development process. DPT was also pleased to be able to leave flash management concerns to Tuxera’s decades of expertise, and instead focus on improving the functionality of its products.

“Datalight* software helped our engineering team increase their productivity tremendously,” said DPT Development Manager, Andrew Eastgaard. “Using the products allowed my team to focus on the features that set our meters apart from the competition, and their support team gave us almost instant response assistance when we needed it.” After learning the fault-tolerant attributes of the Tuxera Reliance Edge™ (formerly Datalight Reliance®) file system would protect transaction data from power failure, DPT decided to incorporate both FlashFX Tera and Reliance Edge into its pay station design.

The reliability that the Tuxera flash file system adds to DPT’s parking meters makes the pay stations highly desirable to the municipalities and parking companies that need them. Not only does the software reduce maintenance costs and lost revenue due to machine downtime, Reliance Edge also prevents operators from losing credit card transactions when power fails.

* This customer success story has been updated in 2021. Datalight was originally mentioned as the software provider in this story. As of 2019, Datalight Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tuxera Inc. Tuxera now owns all of Datalight’s former products, including the ones mentioned in this project. Tuxera is dedicated to providing superior technical know-how in data storage challenges and responsive customer support.

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