The company aligns its storage software offering, rebrands key product names

Helsinki, Finland – April 29, 2019 – Tuxera, the world leading storage software and networking technology company announced a major rebranding of its embedded software products. According to the company, the announcement follows a long-term strategy of unifying Tuxera’s brand and bringing its products together. As a part of the rebranding, Tuxera’s core software solutions have been renamed: Reliance Velocity replaces Tuxera Flash File System, while GravityCS is Tuxera’s connectivity suite of industry-standard proprietary file systems, including Microsoft exFAT by Tuxera, Microsoft FAT by Tuxera, Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera, and Tuxera APFS and HFS+. Fusion File Share is the updated brand name for Tuxera SMB.

“We’re excited to announce our fresh unified names for Tuxera’s software offering. To date, Tuxera’s product naming has been based on the technologies they have relied on—for example, Tuxera Flash File System was designed for flash memory, and its name matched that. However, over time, our products have matured and became much more than improvements for existing technologies. Powering more than a billion devices all over the world, our solutions lead storage software innovation and enable new data-driven applications. Our software deserves to be named in a manner that spells out the potential we have for improving storage performance and preserving data integrity, so that people around the world can do increasingly more with their data,” says Tiff Rossi, Head of Marketing, Tuxera.

Limitless data—Endless space

According to Tuxera, data is becoming the core engine for innovation, paving the way for future technologies. The company sees a continuous pattern, where data enables more productive and smarter ways to accomplish practically anything—be it autonomous cars, smart factories, or predictive analytics. Tuxera brings limitless possibilities to improve existing operations, and the more data there exists to be analyzed, the greater the challenges that can be tackled. Tuxera sees its products as fundamental elements that make this shift possible, and with data applications becoming as endless as space itself, the company has reinvigorated its product brands to emphasize this theme.

Behind the names

People don’t give a lot of credit to storage software. And rightly so, as when it works and performs well, no one notices it—much as how the laws of nature go relatively unnoticed as we carry out our daily lives. But without the right software to store data, a range of humanity’s achievements, like keeping hold of precious memories or building artificial intelligence, would simply go unaccomplished. In rebranding its products, Tuxera sought out names that carried this weight of being, like forces of nature. With fresh product branding in action, Tuxera continues to innovate—enabling the next wave of data-driven applications.