The new stable NTFS-3G release contains the following improvements, changes and fixes:

  • New: implemented fsync() and fsyncdir().
  • New: implemented the ‘sync’ mount option.
  • New: sanity check upcase table.
  • New: added a big-endian extended attribute name for attrib and times.
  • New: added an extended attribute name for creation time.
  • New: enable renaming of system extended attributes.
  • Change: improved appending data to fragmented files.
  • Change: improved rebuilding a runlist.
  • Change: improved comparing filename on big-endian CPUs.
  • Fixed stat(2) for system files with no data.
  • Fixed alignment on cached structures.
  • Fixed Posix ACLs for big-endian CPUs.
  • Fixed deleting files using ignore_case option.
  • Fixed allocated size when an attribute update causes unnamed data to be expelled.

The latest release of the software is available at


Tuxera Open Source Team