Tuxera’s embedded file system software ensures stable, fail-safe storage performance over the entire lifetime of Yura’s automotive DVR solution.

Developing cutting-edge automotive technologies

Yura Corporation specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing automotive parts including wiring harnesses and electronics modules. It is a technology-oriented company with a long history in the Korean automotive market. With technical knowledge dating back to 1970, Yura has continued development in these core technologies, solidifying its position as a global specialist in the automotive components market.

The company’s capabilities have expanded into the eco-friendly automotive market to include high voltage connectors, high voltage junction blocks, and charging couplers. In preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution, Yura Corporation is accelerating development of key technologies needed for co-friendly (electric), autonomous, and connected automobiles to become a leader in the market.

The challenge

Yura was tasked to bring the first built-in DVR in the world with both embedded and removable storage for saving drive recordings. In developing its built-in Cam solution, Yura needed a development partner versed in data management for both internal flash memory and interoperable storage to support exporting drive recordings. As Yura is a quality-focused automotive Tier supplier, they also needed to ensure that the storage management solutions were fail-safe and low latency to ensure all possible video data would be saved, no matter if a crash or unexpected power loss occurred. The company also needed to ensure that the flash storage media of their solution would last the expected lifetime of the car – meaning the storage management software also needed efficient operations that reduce write and erase wear. Lastly, Yura wanted to work with storage experts with an established reputation in the Korean automotive industry.

The results

To ensure stable performance throughout the entire internal storage lifecycle, Tuxera conducted its advanced set of rigorous tests on the full storage software and hardware stack of the Yura DVR system. Tuxera also optimized Reliance Velocity™ for the project environment, focusing on increased flash storage lifetime, as well as providing Tuxera’s patented fail-safety technology. As embedded systems require professional maintenance in case of a fault, the conducted tests, optimizations, and safety features play key roles in ensuring stable DVR system performance. Reducing any potential risks in such systems to a minimum is a vital step in making a production-ready electronics element for automotive use cases.

For removable storage options, Yura also chose GravityCS by Tuxera™ to integrate into it’s built-in Cam solution. This connectivity suite of file system implementations supports all of the most commonly used file system standards, such as Microsoft exFAT and Microsoft NTFS, allowing users to easily and reliably export their video footage from the built-in Cam to external storage devices.

“Having a long history in the car industry, we always put a strong focus on the quality of products that we deliver. Developing the world-first built-in DVR System for automotive, safety, and reliability requirements are much higher when compared to third-party after-market solutions. Meeting these requirements was a core priority for our solution. We are glad to see Tuxera as one of our software partners that shares and demonstrates this value and look forward to continuing our co-operation” says Cheon-Hyo Lee, Senior Managing Director of Yura Corporation.
Tuxera considers lifetime, reliability, and security to be key specifications for automotive edge storage devices and continues to actively develop its flash-friendly file system, Reliance Velocity, for these requirements.

Read the original press release for this story here: Yura Corporation selects Reliance Velocity for robust data handling in its next-generation built-in automotive DVR system.

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