HCC Embedded website closure FAQ

What happened to the HCC websites? Where can I access them?

HCC Embedded became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tuxera in 2021. Certain HCC products are now branded under Tuxera, and as of July 1, 2023, can be found in Tuxera’s website. More info on what products you can find, and where, is available here.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for, contact our support team here: TUXERA SUPPORT. They will assist on technical support, product documentation, maintenance renewals, information about version updates… anything you may need related to the former HCC Embedded-branded products.

I can’t find my favorite HCC software component on the Tuxera website. Where is it?

At present, we are assessing our product portfolio and roadmaps for the future. First and foremost, products that sharpen our focus on data access, data storage, and data connectivity software are prioritized for presentation on our website. Contact our sales or support teams for assistance if you need detailed information urgently.

My local HCC distributor is not listed on the Tuxera website as sales partner, can they still assist me?

Yes, please reach out to your local partner for support.

How can I get technical support? The support form on the HCC website is no longer available.

Support is available through Tuxera’s website: TUXERA SUPPORT or by email. With Tuxera’s larger, global support team, we are able to serve you more quickly and responsively, often from the same timezone and in your own language.

What happened to my MyHCC portal account?

The portal is no longer in service. If you need a user guide or some other documentation, contact our support team. We will provide you with a PDF version.

The redirect from the HTML documentation file in my software package no longer brings me to the appropriate user guides on the HCC documentation server. Where can I find the user guides now?

As the documentation server is no longer online, the HTML-based user guides are also not accessible. If you previously downloaded any PDF-based version, you can use that instead, as it contains the same content. If you did not download PDF variants yet, then our support team is glad to provide them to you.

The PDF user guides have a few non-working links to related products on the former HCC Embedded website. This confuses me.

We have created redirects to the best-case match on the Tuxera website. However, not all former HCC Embedded products have a corresponding page at Tuxera’s website at present. By following the redirect links and navigating the products menu on Tuxera’s website, you will find available related products. Alternatively, our support team can guide you accordingly.

Where can I find product manuals?

As the HCC Embedded documentation server has been decommissioned, the product user guides are no longer directly accessible or downloadable. Contact our support team and we will provide you PDF versions of the manuals.

Do I need to have an active Support & Maintenance contract before I can contact Tuxera support and get the user guides?

No, we will provide you the PDF user guides that relate to the software product and version you have licensed from us.

How can I see if there is a new version/update of my software, and what the changes are?

Please contact our support team. Not only can they provide you with the information you are looking for, but they can also advise you on the benefits of upgrading to a newer release.