The new, stable NTFS-3G release contains bug fixes and functionality improvements:

  • New: support Object Identifiers which are used by Windows for shortcuts and caused CHKDSK warnings when the target was deleted.
  • New: nanosecond resolution file timestamps support.
  • New: selective file timestamp modification by utimensat(2).
  • New: make non-resident TXF_DATA attribute of root directory resident so Vista and later won’t complain about RAW partition.
  • New: caching inodes.
  • New: more efficient UTF8/UTF16 translations.
  • Fixed setting archive bit on file and alternated data stream creation.
  • Fixed setting reparse tags in parent directories.
  • Fixed enabling permissions when no UserMapping file is found.
  • Fixed an error return code in the main mount function.
  • Fixed setting timestamp via extended attributes to be consistent between Windows and Linux view.
  • Fixed option processing when uid, gid, fmask or dmask are present.

The software is available at


Tuxera Open Source Team