Our latest contribution to the open source community is the release of a new stable version of NTFS-3G and ntfsprogs. NTFS-3G is a stable, full-featured, read-write NTFS driver for Linux, Android, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenSolaris, QNX, Haiku, and other operating systems. It provides safe handling of the Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 NTFS file systems.

The new update (version 2016.2.22) is now available for download on our community dedicated page. Below you will find a summary listing all the major changes and improvements to the driver:

Changes to NTFS-3G driver:
– Write as much data as possible in compressed attribute pwrite
– Fixed getting space for making an index non resident
– Alleviated constraints relative to reparse points
– Fixed special case of decompressing a runlist
– Fixed returning the trimming count to fstrim()
– Fixed the range of valid subauthority counts in a SID
– Updated the read-only flag even when the security attribute was cached
– Defended against reusing data from an invalid MFT record
– Simplified NTFS ACLs when group same as owner and same permission as world
– Packed/unpacked st_rdev transported as 32-bits on Solaris 64-bits
– Zero uninitialized bytes before writing compressed data
– Clear the environment when starting mount or umount
– Implemented rewinding a directory in lowntfs-3g
– Use incremental offsets when reading a directory in lowntfs-3g

Changes to mkntfs:
– Make installing mkntfs /sbin symlinks dependent on ENABLE_MOUNT_HELPER
– Mention the starting sector when it overflows in mkntfs
– Upgraded the upper-case table to same as Windows 7, 8 and 10

Changes to ntfsresize:
– Fixed relocating the MFT runlists
– Decode the full list of bad clusters
– Fixed resizing an extended bad cluster list

Changes to ntfsclone:
– Decoded the full list of bad clusters

Changes to ntfsinfo:
– Displayed reparse point information

Changes to ntfsdecrypt:
– Fixed DESX decryption

Changes to ntfswipe:
– Added clarifications about several options to the manual

New ntfsprogs tool:
– Included ntfsrecover to recover the updates committed by Windows (experimental)

– Made a general cleanup of endianness types for easier checks

The stable release (2016.2.22) is available for download at


Many thanks to Jean-Pierre Andre, Erik Larsson, Richard W.M. Jones, Eric Biggers and numerous contributors who sent us bug reports and suggestions for improvements.

A high-performance, fail-safe commercial version with advanced features called Tuxera NTFS is available for embedded systems and Mac OS X.