With the decline of the government funded space exploration more and more commercial companies are getting involved in the space development. It has a high potential with projects ranging from space tourism to extraterrestrial mining. Now that it’s open to competition, space economy gets a big boost from private investments such as Virgin Galactic and Elon Musk’s SpaceX which focus on innovation, sustainability and a longterm growth. The commercial sector is also increasingly responsible for launching satellites and supplying the International Space Station (ISS) with cargo and the crew. Boeing and SpaceX just won the highly anticipated space taxi contract from NASA. The companies are teaming up to develop a new fleet of American spacecrafts.

We decided to get involved in some of the activities as well. Tuxera is now sponsoring Team Puli, a group of talented engineers from Hungary, in the exciting Google Lunar XPRIZE challenge. 18 out 29 original teams are competing to create, develop and land a remote controlled robot on the moon. The rover has to travel at least 500 meters and transmit a so-called Mooncast, a high-quality package of digital data, back to the Earth. The deadline is now set for the end of 2015. As the Team Puli says, the ultimate goal of the competition is to explore new frontiers, raise interest in the space exploration and bring real quality to the investors interested in commercializing the space.

Together with Tuxera’s technical expertise and Puli Space’s top notch engineering team, we aim to make history with the first privately funded and engineered Moon landing.

– Tuxera and Team Puli PR