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To begin, every startup has a well-known challenge: to find a product-market fit and scale it up. Unless you are Steve Jobs, you most likely won’t get it right when you come out of the gate with your new product or service. When that happens, you very quickly and effectively need to learn how to
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Pantech and the Recipe for Growth

  • by Mikko Välimäki
Pantech is a Korean company not too many knew about just a few years ago. They started out back in the early 1990s with pagers and over the years expanded to phones, in a way reminding of how RIM grew. Today Pantech is the third biggest phone manufacturer in Korea behind just Samsung and LG.
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As before, we are present at the annual Consumer Electronics Show to showcase the benefits of Tuxera’s file systems and other products to consumer electronics manufacturers. Please email us to pre-arrange a meeting!
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