Tuxera – Peng Liu, software engineer

How I went from student to developer of an award-winning app

I'm Peng Liu, a Software Engineer at Tuxera. My journey as an award-winning app developer started in China, where I graduated with a degree in Electronic and Information Engineering in 2011. As I was looking to get a higher degree, my aunt—who lives in London—suggested I go abroad. Following through on her advice, I applied to many universities across Europe, but finally decided to pursue my Master's degree at Aalto University in Finland. Aalto felt like the best choice because of the strong IT industry in Finland and the friendly policies toward foreign students. That's where I came across Tuxera.

Why I chose Tuxera

In 2013, I joined Tuxera to work on my Master’s thesis in the field of communications engineering and networking technology. Tuxera was a right fit for my background and it allowed me to get insights into the industry. Friendly people, a flexible working environment, the quality products the company builds, and the possibility to play ping-pong a lot also impacted my decision.

That feeling when your thesis project becomes an award-winning app...

When I first joined the Tuxera team, I started with a Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) project for the first few months. During that time, I thoroughly learned the DLNA architecture and researched Digital Media Server solutions. The work was very related to my thesis entitled: “Developing a solution for multimedia home networking.” Through my thesis research and my work at Tuxera, I explored various solutions for multimedia home networking (MHN), including AirPlay, Miracast, Chromecast, and especially the DLNA standard. That research turned into an Android project to develop—together with my colleagues at Tuxera—a universal solution for multimedia home networking, which took advantage of AirPlay, Discovery and Launch (DIAL), and DLNA. It was then that I became one of the main engineers of an application called Streambels. The goal we had for the app was to let you stream any media from any phone or tablet to any device in your home.

From its launch in November 2013, to the publishing of my thesis in June 2014, the app had more than one million downloads. Over the years the app saw many improvements, the adoption of even more protocols, and was rebranded to AllConnect. In 2016, we applied for the CES Innovation Award for AllConnect, and despite some very fierce competition, we were awarded as a CES 2017 Innovation Award Honoree. I was quite excited that AllConnect had been given this prestigious honor, as I had been working on the project from the beginning. It was a good reward for all the hard work the whole team put in.

To date, AllConnect has more than 5 million downloads from over 200 countries.

But there's more to the story

At Tuxera I have the freedom to develop different skills and I have fully taken on this opportunity. In addition to working on the AllConnect project, I have also worked on embedded systems projects in the Linux environment and Tuxera product demos. Currently, I have been researching what factors cause smartphones to slow down over time, and how to benchmark the storage performance.

In my time with Tuxera, I have learned a lot about technology, R&D processes, and how to be a team player. There are many talented developers and engineers in the company and I always find things to learn from them. One of the things I appreciate about working at Tuxera is the openness to feedback. Our code runs on millions of devices, so it is very critical to listen to and work together with your colleagues. Tuxera has succeeded in building a great atmosphere for this purpose – it’s a place I enjoy coming to every day.

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