IAA 2015Meet our automotive team at the International Motor Show Cars (IAA) in Frankfurt. It’s the most comprehensive event for everyone in the automotive industry involved in development and manufacture of passenger cars. 1103 exhibitors from 39 countries are showcasing their latest products with a special focus on connected and automated driving. The slogan for this year is “mobility connects” highlighting the trend in enhanced in-car connectivity.

Contact us to schedule and meeting and learn more about Tuxera’s offering for the automotive market. Tuxera’s software brings support for all external storages so the user can access his or her content on all brought-in devices. Fail-safe by design, it ensures that no data will be lost or corrupted during storage removal or unexpected power loss. Latest software from Tuxera includes media streaming SDK and apps and Tuxera Flash File System specially optimized for the internal flash memory. TFFS reduces flash memory wear-out and fragmentation, improving performance and extending system lifetime.

For more information have a look at our product page or get in touch with our sales team.