A new stable NTFS-3G release candidate is available for testing. It is based on the latest Advanced NTFS-3G release which is already used by several distributions as the default NTFS driver. The changes include:

  • New: Full file ownership and permissions support. The ownership and permissions of files are interoperable with Windows and conforms to the POSIX rules.
  • New: POSIX ACL support. The ACLs are an extension to ownership and permissions as defined in POSIX.
  • New: Optional Windows-type inheritance of ACLs.
  • New: Full extended attributes support for all namespaces: user, system, security and trusted.
  • New: Junction points support. The junction points and symbolic links created by Windows are seen as symbolic links.
  • New: Access is possible to NTFS internal data like Windows style archive bit and file attributes. They are mapped to extended attributes for easier access.
  • New: Compression write support: sequential writing to compressed files is supported.
  • New: Support copying and restoring encrypted files without decrypting them.
  • New: Support getting and setting high-resolution file timestamps.
  • New: Support to get, set and remove DOS filenames.
  • New: Tools for managing ownership, permissions and ACLs: secaudit checks the integrity of ownership, permissions and ACL, usermap gives help to configure ownership.
  • Change: Performance optimizations. Frequently used data are cached to improve speed. Space allocation for fragmented and sparse files has been improved.

We are also very happy to announce the new NTFS-3G lead developer, Jean-Pierre Andre.

The source code of the latest stable driver is available at http://www.tuxera.com/community/ntfs-3g-download/