The new, stable NTFS-3G release contains the following major functionality improvements, changes and bug fixes:

  • New: Full, transparent, read-write compression support.
  • New: Two new mount options: compression and nocompression (default).
  • New: Introduced windows_names mount option to enforce only Windows names.
  • Change: Re-enabled compression in root directory.
  • Change: Reversed default for showing/hiding hidden files.
  • Change: Redefined default user mapping.
  • Change: Marked files whose name has a dot initial as “hidden” if option hide_dot_files is used.
  • Change: Renamed option default_permissions to permissions.
  • Fixed use of utimensat() with external fuse older than 2.8.
  • Fixed a hang when reading a corrupt compressed file.
  • Fixed a possible crash when creating a stream.
  • Fixed all reported and found compressed write related bugs.
  • Fixed partially overwriting sparse clusters on highly fragmented volumes.
  • Fixed checking write errors in setxattr().
  • Fixed processing end of partial runlist for compressed files.
  • Fixed updating file compressed sizes.
  • Fixed checking the device mount state.
  • Fixed processing of options silent and no_def_opts.
  • Fixed excessive cluster allocation within big holes.
  • Fixed creating empty encrypted extended attributes.
  • Fixed too permissive sanity check before compressing.
  • Fixed error returns when writing compressed data.
  • Fixed sanity checked when closing a compressed file.
  • Fixed zeroing the end of an ex-hole cluster of compressed files.
  • Improved sanity checks on security descriptors.

The latest release of the software is available at


Tuxera Open Source Team