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Join Tuxera team for a 10th annual Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara. You can find us at the following sessions & forums: Tuesday, August 11th from 8.30 to 9.35: 101-A Performance Testing (Testing Track). Tuxera’s CEO, Mikko Välimäki, will discuss How File System Choice Affects Flash Performance. Mikko will explain how  different file system implementations can affect flash
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TV Connect, 28-30 April, 2015, London, UK

    by Karolina Mosiadz

    | 1 min read

TV Connect is one of the leading events for connected TV environment and an excellent place to network with operators and industry experts. The exhibition will showcase the latest technologies in network solutions, content management, middleware and gateways as well as improvements in security and quality. Meet our Connected Experiences team and learn more about Tuxera’s offering for
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This week our colleagues from Tuxera Japan are participating in the SD Association SDA spring interoperability session in Osaka, where we are testing the next wave of UHS-I & UHS-II products. Ultra High Speed (UHS) is the fastest performance category available today with data transfer rates up to 312MB/s. Growing number of variety of high-performance, feature-rich devices
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