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CES Trends: Data is the New Frontier

  • January 24, 2016 /
  • by Karolina Mosiadz
Fast, secure data access is essential in the workings of every smart device and ecosystem. Even from behind the scenes it played a big role at this year’s CES. Data is at the center of almost every innovation – autonomous cars, camera drones and consumer IoT. At the same time it presents the biggest challenge of all.
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Meet Tuxera at CES 2016

  • January 4, 2016 /
  • by Eva Rio
Join Tuxera Technology Showcase at CES 2016. We are opening the doors of our suite at Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino from January 6th to 9th. What to expect? Our demo sessions include: Designed for Flash, making autonomous driving possible. Constant recording of huge amount of data coming from different sensors and cameras in
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