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UFS cards mean less wait time, more apps

  • December 29, 2016 /
  • by Tiffiny Rossi
In July 2016, the industry’s first removable Universal Flash Storage (UFS) cards were announced. Much of the excitement centered on the blazing-fast 170 MB/s write speeds for photo and video applications. Not to mention the amount of storage space is astounding – currently up to 256 GB! But buried in the buzz are some hidden gems for everyday smartphone use (at least for Android phones). For one, if
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Delivers Top Performance for High Capacity 64GB SDXC Memory Cards Helsinki, Finland and Tokyo, Japan – June, 2013 — Tuxera Inc., the market leader in file systems, announced today that Fujitsu introduced Tuxera exFAT in its Fujitsu ARROWS smartphones and tablets. Fujitsu’s Android based devices, well regarded for their innovative features and usability, are continuing
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ASUS Selects Tuxera File System Software for Eee Pad™ Tablets Provides Seamless Interoperability and Extended Battery Use Time HELSINKI, FINLAND and TAIPEI, TAIWAN — May 12, 2011 — Tuxera Inc., the leading provider of Windows and Mac compatible file systems for Android, Linux and other platforms, today announced it has signed a license agreement with
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