We were just awarded the Province’s Strongest Company Certificate by Suomen Asiakastieto, a business and credit company providing corporate, risk management, sales and marketing information in Finland. Tuxera rank was based on its profitability, financial standing, growth rate and a strong outlook for the future. We received the highest possible rating: AAA. It is not the first certificate from the Suomen Asiakastieto on our wall, we were ranked the Strongest in Finland for three years in a row starting from 2011.

In fact, just in the past year we have gotten quite a few mentions. To start with, in December last year Tuxera was named one of the top Deloitte Rising Stars. The Rising Star ranking is a part of the Fast 50 Program and it’s aimed at young companies with high growth and innovative products. In March we got featured in two Finnish newspapers Kauppalehti and Tietoviiko. Both articles centred around our global expansion, high potential, tech expertise and conducting most of the sales abroad. Features on Tuxera file system solutions appeared also in the Finnair and SAS in-flight magazines.

We continue to focus our efforts on delivering interoperability across platforms and expanding our business globally.