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One small step to a reliable file system

    by Thom Denholm

    | 5 min read

The Reliance Edge File System Essentials (FSE) is one of two API sets supported by Reliance Edge. It’s a minimalistic but reliable alternative to the POSIX-like option. What are its benefits and how does it work? This feature summary should answer those questions. The micro storage issue Many small embedded designs don’t have storage for
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Photo by Taneli Lahtinen on Unsplash
Oops is an understatement here. Tesla’s got a problem with dead eMMC flash memory cards in Model S and Model X cars equipped with their MCUv1 (Media Control Unit). And according to InsideEVs, this dead part could cost more than $1,800 to repair! As reported in InsideEVs, the problem stems from excessive writing to a
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When tough legislation can make the self-driving industry unsustainable Autonomous technologies hold a grand vision of disrupting the transportation industry. A promise of making automotive travel safer, and allowing people to focus on more creative tasks – leaving A to B logistics to the tech sector. With level-4 autonomous cars available on the market as
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