All the Popular Interoperable File Systems Replacing FAT32 Offered in a Combined High-Performance Package

HELSINKI, FINLAND – October 27, 2010 – Tuxera, the leading provider of interoperable file systems for Android, Linux, Mac and other platforms, today announced Tuxera File System Suite, the industry’s most comprehensive interoperability package consisting of Tuxera NTFS, exFAT and HFS+ file systems as well as Tuxera’s most popular storage management tools. With the announcement, Tuxera added HFS+ file system into its product line already consisting of Tuxera NTFS and exFAT solutions. Tuxera thus became the first and only vendor to offer all three of the most popular modern interoperable file systems replacing the aging FAT32 in a turnkey solution.

Tuxera File System Suite has been developed together with Tuxera’s customers to address the needs for high-performance Windows and Mac interoperability in Android and Linux-based consumer electronics. Tuxera’s market-leading file system solutions power set-top boxes, multimedia devices, routers, NAS products, automotive infotainment systems, mobile phones and tablets from the leading brands. Tuxera works together with chipset companies to provide better time to market, up-to-date performance metrics, and dedicated customer support. Tuxera File System Suite components have been successfully integrated and tested on the most popular chipsets delivering outstanding read and write speeds. For example Tuxera’s NTFS solution with Tuxera’s patent-pending performance optimization technology now outpaces the most popular Android and Linux file systems as well as any alternative NTFS solutions in the markets today.

“We have seen the convergence of interoperable file system solutions,” noted Szabolcs Szakacsits, Tuxera CTO. “For many applications there is not just one right interoperability solution but there can be need to support several file systems at the same time. NTFS is still the most popular overall solution over USB and SATA but Apple’s rising market share has increased the demand for reliable HFS+. Further, the ever-expanding uses of SD card interfaces call for exFAT. We have successfully established Tuxera exFAT as the natural first choice in the markets with strong support from Microsoft.”

Tuxera CEO Mikko Välimäki continues: “We are pleased to launch the industry’s first and most comprehensive file system interoperability package. Working closely together with operating system manufacturers, chipset vendors, and the increasing customer base Tuxera File System Suite delivers the best possible reliability and the industry’s fastest performance.”

Tuxera File System Suite combines Tuxera NTFS, exFAT, HFS+ and Storage Management Tools including format and repair into one cost-effective package. Users can pick the right file system with Tuxera’s expert service and support more easily than before and get to the markets faster.

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