During the COVID-19 global pandemic, Tuxera – and its subsidiary, Datalight – are committed to serving our worldwide customers at the same high level, while ensuring the health and well-being of our employees and their families. As we already operate in a global set-up with a lot of remote work, it is easy for us to continue forward with our projects.

We are following official recommendations to limit the exposure of our staff and their families, as well as help reduce the spread of the virus. In response, Tuxera has implemented the following operational changes:

  • All staff have been working from their home offices as of March 13.
  • All domestic and international business travel is delayed until further notice. Instead, we meet with customers remotely.

The company will continue to follow up on recommendations from the World Health Organization and our local authorities (European, Asian, and US) to adjust our timelines accordingly.

We are fully operational, but naturally more flexible as a lot of employees are also taking care of their close ones, either due to sickness or as local schools and day care facilities are closed. We expect these changes to have no impact on our ability to support your technical teams on the use of our products, as our support is typically conducted remotely and through digital means.

We wish all our employees, customers, partners, and contacts to stay healthy and safe!

Tuukka Ahoniemi
CEO, Tuxera