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Our AllConnect streaming app had many great successes over the years. It was downloaded over ten million times and used actively by over a million users across all platforms. We were a CES Innovation Award Honoree with AllConnect in 2017. The development work that went into AllConnect was high-quality and we stand by the excellence
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Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash
Since the 1970s, the way to add new capabilities into the car has been to add an electronic control unit (ECU) for each new feature. ECUs give us convenient features such as electronic mirror controls, but some take care of many of today’s safety-critical systems like anti-lock brakes. Over time, the number of ECUs inside
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Why some Android phones slow down as they age

    by Stan Dmitriev

    | 7 min read

Storage fragmentation in Android plays a major role in the ageing performance of the phone Ever thought why your Android phone slows down with time? You are not alone. Many Android users complain about their Android phones “lagging” as their device ages. So what’s the cause of this performance degradation? Well, there is not just
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