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Photo by Taneli Lahtinen on Unsplash
Oops is an understatement here. Tesla’s got a problem with dead eMMC flash memory cards in Model S and Model X cars equipped with their MCUv1 (Media Control Unit). And according to InsideEVs, this dead part could cost more than $1,800 to repair! As reported in InsideEVs, the problem stems from excessive writing to a
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Anyone who has started up a car with an IVI (in-vehicle infotainment) system might be painfully familiar with the following scenario: you wait for your navigation dashboard to boot up… and you wait… then wait some more, until the screen finally flickers to life. It’s an unfortunately common annoyance given the growing quantities of data
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Photo credit: Hannes Egler, https://unsplash.com/@egla
Since 2009 GENIVI has been driving the adoption of open source software for the connected car. The last 10 years have been incredibly successful for the GENIVI Alliance and the automotive open source community. Initially focused on Linux-based IVI and automotive open source software, GENIVI is expanding its scope to become the leading platform driving
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